Marine litter is one of the most threatening, but also the most solvable, pollution issue currently affecting the world's ocean and waterways.

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Marine debris removed from the
Whitsunday islands since July 2009
= 174,764 kilograms

Welcome to Eco Barge Clean Seas Inc.

Eco Barge Clean Seas Inc. is a not-for-profit environmental organisation that was established in Airlie Beach to engage the community to protect the marine life and aquatic environment of the Whitsunday region by:

(1) removing marine debris to reduce its impacts;

(2) reducing land-based litter and littering behaviour to prevent the occurrence of local marine debris; and

(3) providing care for sick and injured marine turtles.

We currently have three exciting initiatives, with many opportunities for volunteers, sponsors and supporters to become involved.


The Whitsunday Marine Debris Removal Program is an on-going program focused on removing harmful marine debris from the islands and coastline to protect the iconic Whitsunday region. We are now in the monitoring phase of the program, having dealt with much of the previous accumulation of debris, with our aim being to undertake a minimum of 40 marine debris removal trips each year to tackle the marine debris that continues to arrive in the south-east trade winds. 


Eco Barge, in conjunction with Fauna Rescue Whitsundays, has launched the Whitsunday Turtle Rescue Centre at Eco Barge HQ to ensure that any sick and injured marine turtles are provided the care that they need. The Centre has five quarantine tanks, with 24 turtles having being received for care so far in 2015. Related to this, a structured program is also being initiated using local volunteers to ensure a response to all reported turtle stranding events in the Whitsunday region. Click on the link for more information about Turtle Care at Eco Barge.


The Clean Streets and Creeks clean-ups are an effective prevention program to reduce the threat of marine debris and to ensure that the marine life and environment are not impacted by our local rubbish. Thanks to Reef Catchments, land-based litter will again be removed through clean-ups in 2015 that target rubbish found on our streets, creeks and foreshore areas to prevent it washing and blowing into the marine environment. In 24 clean-ups we have already removed an unbelievable 2,560 kilograms of rubbish!


The Mackay Coastal Clean Up is a program designed to work with local businesses, families and individuals to coordinate the removal of marine debris from beaches in the Mackay region. The sixth Clean Up was held on the weekend of 23 and 24 May 2015, targeting both the northern beaches of Mackay and the southern beaches of Sarina.

The Mackay Coastal Clean Up has now been responsible for removing a total of 24,806 kilograms from beaches in Mackay and Sarina since 2012.


Eco Barge has once again undertaken an Expedition to the southern Whitsunday Islands, and beyond! The multi-day Expeditions provide an important opportunity to undertake an intense focus on the islands further south that are the first point of contact as marine debris is bought into the region with the south-east trade winds.

The Expedition was based at Linderman Island, with White Horse (Australia) kindly providing accommodation for the weary volunteers to lay their heads each night. With the travel time to these southern islands eliminated, the Expedition team of 10 volunteers were able to remove an amazing 2.6 tonnes of marine debris from 12 beaches from six islands (Blacksmith Island, Goldsmith Island, Keyser Island, Linne Island, Thomas Island and Tinsmith Island).

Funding for the Expedition was provided by Everyone’s Environment Grants, a $12 million community-focused grass roots program through the Queensland Government’s Department of Environment and Heritage Protection to help eligible individuals and organisations carry out activities that tackle environmental degradation, conserve Queensland’s built heritage and protect Queensland’s native flora and fauna.


Eco Barge Clean Seas is a registered environmental organisation with Deductible Gift Receipt Status, meaning that any donations over $2 are fully tax deductible.

Whitsunday Marine Debris Collection 2017

21,611kg of 25,000kg