Cigarette butts leech toxic chemicals and can be mistaken for food items, posing a direct threat to marine wildlife, with it estimated that these butts take up to five years to break down in seawater.

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Clean Streets And Creeks

The Clean Streets and Creeks clean-ups are an effective prevention program to reduce the threat of marine debris and ensure that the marine life and environment are not impacted by our local rubbish. Thanks to Reef Catchments we will be undertaking 24 clean-ups throughout 2015, with this activity being a great way for time-restricted volunteers to get involved as it only requires a few hours of your time. It is also a great activity to have children of any ages involved in the proactive prevention of marine debris.

24th November 2015

Location #1 - meet at Eco Barge HQ

Today was the last Clean Streets and Creeks for the current programme. We had 7 volunteers participate and that was lucky as there was some really heavy items found, such as 4 car tyres and a rusted car wreckage. Along with the heavy items there was also a staggering 103 aluminium cans collected. Thank you so much for all our volunteer’s commitment and help during this programme, we couldn’t have done it without you!

180 kgs collected

15th November 2015

Location #12 - meet at Paluma Road

The hot conditions did not keep away 8 wonderful volunteers this morning as we focused our attention on the fence line and shop fronts along Carlo Drive. The rubbish 'winner' today was paper and cardboard packaging, with 258 pieces found, closely followed by plastic shopping bags (140) and aluminium cans (63).

64 kgs collected

4th November 2015

Location #10 - meet at McDonalds car park

It was only a small group of 3 volunteers today and so our focus was more condensed around the meeting area. Our efforts were definitely worthwhile though, with an unbelievable 58 McDonalds plastic drink containers and 26 McDonalds waxed paper cups (and the equivalent number of straws) being found. 

26 kgs collected

18th October 2015

Location #11 - meet at Galbraith Park

It was great to have 10 volunteers join us for our clean-up today. Lots of cable ties that must have been used for the temporary fencing for the Rodeo the previous weekend were removed, along with 56 aluminium cans and 35 plastic drink bottles. 32% of the collected rubbish was able to be recycled. 

49 kgs collected

20th September 2015

Location #8 - meet at Bicentennial Park

It was fantastic today to have 20 students from Fairholme Girls College, Toowoomba join our wonderful volunteers to assist with removing land-based litter. Showing just how much of a difference a large team can make; with 408 pieces of paper/cardboard, 219 drink bottles, 157 aluminium cans, 169 plastic shopping bags and 101 glass bottles being removed. Not a bad effort for an hour and a half of cleaning!

121 kgs collected

2nd September 2015

Location #9 - meet at Cannonvale Markets

It was a smaller group of volunteers that joined us today and so only the northern side of Shute Harbour Road, from the Cannonvale Markets to the 121 Centre, was targeted. Along the side fence to Bunnings, close to the creek, we found an unbelievable 727 pieces (3 kg by weight) of plastic used for strapping down pallets. This rubbish was very much at risk of washing or blowing into the marine environment!

67 kgs collected

16th August 2015

Location #7 - meet at Cannonvale Beach

We had a smaller number of participants today, but our 4 volunteers tackled the mangrove area at Cannonvale Beach. Much less litter was found than when we last targeted with locating in March and we are hopeful that this is indicating a reduction in the amount of littering behaviour at this popular beach.

33 kgs collected

5th August 2015

Location #6 - meet at Shingley Beach

Our wonderful 7 volunteers unfortunately had lots of terrible smells to deal with today, with bait bags, dog poo bags and a polystyrene box full of rotting food all being collected. It's at moments such as these that the dedication and passion of the volunteers to protect our marine life from marine debris is very obvious and we cannot thank everyone enough for their efforts during our Clean Streets and Creeks clean-ups!

63 kgs collected

19th July 2015

Location #5 - meet at Shingley Beach

The clean-up today coincided with the Whitsunday Running Festival, and considering Eco Barge was the selected not-for-profit for the event, it was incredibly disappointing to see many of the runners just throwing their plastic cups on the ground during the race. 140 pieces of paper/cardboard were collected, along with 110 recyclable plastic items, 80 plastic shopping bags and 71 aluminium cans.

91 kgs collected

1st July 2015

Location #4 - meet at Lagoon Beach

It is always interesting to return to target locations to ascertain how much rubbish has accumulated since our last clean, and our 7 volunteers today were really happy to see half as much litter as was present when we first targeted this location in February. With 45% of the rubbish collected being able to be recycled, we are extremely happy with the results of today's clean-up.

47 kgs collected

14th June 2015

Location #3 - meet at Airlie Beach Foreshore

It was great to have 14 volunteers join us for our 14th clean-up on the 14th of June!! The majority of the litter removed today consisted of glass bottles and aluminium cans, as well as lots of smaller items such as bottle tops and cigarette butts. A big thank you to the community for continuing to support our clean-up efforts... it is just such a shame that such actions are still required along our beautiful beach-front main street and foreshore.

103 kgs collected

3rd June 2015

Location #2 - meet at PCYC

Today, with the help of 10 volunteers, we returned to Jubilee Pocket to target the section of Shute Harbour Road surrounding the PCYC as well as the Port of Airlie. It was disappointing to see that a greater quantity of rubbish was removed than when we cleaned these streets back in January, with lots of litter being removed from the fence lines surrounding the sports field.

207 kgs collected

17th May 2015

Location #12 - meet at Galbriath Creek

Given the wet and windy conditions we were delighted that 3 volunteers joined us to remove litter from our last target location before we start from the beginning to see how much rubbish has arrived at each location since it was last cleaned. Lots of light items such as polystyrene and packaging film were collected, probably as a result of the wind, but minimal heavy or recyclable items were found.

67 kgs collected

6th May 2015

Location #11 - meet at Galbriath Park

With all the other activities that we have been running this week, volunteers were a little light on the ground today. However, our 4 volunteers still put in an amazing effort to removed litter from this clean-up location, with the pleasant surprise of minimal rubbish being found today. Massive thank you also to Green Energy Technologies for the donation of drinks and an extra pair of hands to help with the clean-up!

22 kgs collected

19th April 2015

Location #10 - meet at McDonalds car park

The rain threatened, but 16 volunteers still gave up a few hours of their Sunday morning to help us remove the seemingly endless amount of litter that is to be found on the streets of Cannonvale. A huge thank you to everyone involved, and by highlighting our presence (with our amazing t-shirts!) and actions we continue to hope for a change in the attitudes of those that have obviously chosen to do the wrong thing with their rubbish.

126 kgs collected

1st April 2015

Location #9 - meet at Cannonvale Markets

It was great to have the Green Army join us again today, with a total of 8 volunteers focusing on removing litter from the section of Shute Harbour Road between the Cannonvale Markets and the 121 building. An unbelievable 200 kilograms of glass was found behind the 121 building and with more rubbish still present in this area we look forward to targeting this location again in the future.

213 kgs collected

15th March 2015

Location #8 - meet at Bicentennial Park

Another beautiful sunny day in Airlie Beach greeted the 15 volunteers for our eighth Clean Streets and Creeks clean-up. The lack of rain over the past few weeks made the creek very easy to clean, with a lot of the usual food and beverage related litter being collected and therefore prevented from washing into the ocean in the next rains. A great job to all the volunteers involved!

70 kgs collected

4th March 2015

Location #7 - meet at Cannonvale Beach

We were very excited to launch our new 'safety first' Clean Streets and Creeks t-shirts to our 11 volunteers today. They all looked amazing as they removed litter from the last stretch of boardwalk surrounding Cannonvale Beach, with another impressive (and very depressing) haul of rubbish found in only an hour and a half.

95 kgs collected

15th February 2015

Location #6 - meet at Shingley Beach

It was amazing to have 19 volunteers join us for our clean-up today, with their efforts assisting us to remove an unbelievable amount of rubbish from the boardwalk surrounding Shingley Beach. Numerous tyres and boat pieces were collected, as well as the usual food and beverage related litter, including 184 aluminium cans and 112 plastic drinking bottles.

339 kgs collected

10th February 2015

Location #5 - meet at Shingley Beach

It had been an incredibly wet start to the day, but our 8 volunteers were delighted to see the rain stop in time for our 8am start. The majority of rubbish collected at this location consisted of discarded drink bottles and cans, with over 50% of the collected litter today being able to be recycled at the Whitsunday Transfer Station.

53 kgs collected

4th February 2015

Location #4 - meet at Lagoon Beach

With heavy rain forecast for this weekend the efforts of our 6 volunteers were even more important today, with all the land-based litter that was removed no longer being at risk of washing into the marine environment. Our precious marine life definitely thanks those that were involved, and of course everyone that always ensures that they put their rubbish in a bin!

100 kgs collected

1st February 2015

Location #3 - meet at Airlie Beach Foreshore

Thank you so much to the 6 volunteers that participated in the clean-up today that focused on the Airlie Beach Foreshore between the beach at Port of Airlie and the Airlie Beach lagoon. The volunteers worked tirelessly and did what they could, but with so many cigarette butts littering the Foreshore beach we are definitely going to have to target this location again soon.

91 kgs collected

21st January 2015

Location #2 - meet at PCYC

Today we had 17 volunteers, including nine from our local Green Army, providing their assistance in our second clean-up as we targeted the section of Shute Harbour Road surrounding the PCYC as well as the Port of Airlie. The hard work and dedication of all these volunteers need to be commended in this heat, with an unbelievable amount of rubbish again collection in less than two hours.

140 kgs collected

18th January 2015

Location #1 - meet at Eco Barge HQ 

The much anticipated, new and improved Clean Streets and Creeks clean-ups were launched at Eco Barge HQ with 19 volunteers giving up their time to protect our precious marine life from the horrible impacts of marine debris. The general perception is that Airlie Beach is quite clean, but with almost 200 kilograms being removed in only an hour and a half.. this prevention program is definitely needed!

193 kgs collected

Marine debris removed from the
Whitsunday islands since July 2009
= 174,764 kilograms