Marine turtles live for many years with a long maturation time, meaning they need to survive anywhere between 20 – 45 years before they can reproduce and create the next generation of turtles!

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Turtle Response Program

The Turtle Response Program is focused on ensuring a fast and efficient response to any turtles in need within the Whitsunday and Mackay region. A team of community members have therefore undergone training to respond to any reported strandings on land or water within the Whitsunday region, with further training going to be undertaken in the future to develop a structured and co-ordinated approach to allow the Whitsunday community to better assist marine turtles in need.

Related to this, we have received many reports from members of the community that have seen turtles in distress, but just left them as they were unsure what could be done to help. Education among the community therefore paramount to ensure that everyone is aware what to do in the event that they encounter a sick or injured marine turtle. Awareness material has recently been developed and is being distributed throughout the region.

How you can help...

We are in need of volunteers that are interested in being part of a rotating roster to be on-call to assist in the event that a turtle response is required, as well as with the running of the Whitsunday Turtle Rescue Centre. Please contact us if you would like to get involved.

If you ever see a sick or injured marine turtle please contact the RSPCA Qld animal stranding hotline on 1300 ANIMAL (264 625) or Fauna Rescue Whitsundays on (07) 4947 3389.

Marine debris removed from the
Whitsunday islands since July 2009
= 174,764 kilograms