Recovery activities are directed at improving the conservation status of marine turtles to the extent that they no longer need to be listed as endangered or vulnerable.

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Turtles In Care 2013


Olive ridley turtle 

Popeye was rescued floating near the Mackay Marina on the 15th September 2013 and it was brought to the Whitsunday Turtle Rescue Centre the next day. This poor turtle had severe float and a shark bite, but was still very active with a huge appetite. After being in care at the Centre for 17 days, Popeye was transported to Reef HQ Aquarium Turtle Hospital, where it unfortunately died in care. 


Hawsbill turtle 

Harry was rescued from Mackay on 2nd September 2013 where he was found washed up with floating syndrome. After receiving care at the Whitsunday Turtle Rescue Centre for almost two weeks, Harry was transported to Reef HQ Aquarium Turtle Hospital, where an x-ray revealed that his condition was caused by lung contraction. After anti-parasite medication, warm water and time in care, Harry was released back in Mackay on 19th March 2014. The hawksbill turtle is listed as critically endangered, the successful care and release of Harry is therefore definitely a result to be celebrated.


Green turtle 

Timmeh, a large adult male green turtle, was found floating near Conway Beach boat ramp on 22nd August 2013. He refused all offers of food and after care was provided for more than a month, with no improvement in condition being observed, difficult decision was made to undertake euthanasia.


Green turtle 

Barney was rescued Cannonvale Beach on the 16th August 2013, extremely weak and covered in barnacles. Unfortunately Barney died in care the following day, a sad, but unfortunately not uncommon result with some of the extremely sick turtles that are rescued.


Green turtle 

Crush was found stranded on Conway Beach on the 14th August 2013 suffering from a boat strike and floating syndrome. This little turtle had a huge appetite though, and after putting on 400g and losing its float, Crush was released back into the beautiful waters of the Whitsundays on the 10th September. This is the first successful care and release since the launch of the Centre, and everyone involved could not be happier with the fast recovery of this spunky dude!


Green turtle 

Poor little Dawn was rescued from Conway Beach on the 9th August 2013. She was found completely emaciated and covered in barnacles, and after originally looking like she was doing ok, died in care at the Whitsunday Turtle Rescue Centre on the 4th September.


Green turtle 

Dale was found floating at Muddy Bay, Airlie Beach on the 30th July 2013, and after 6 days in care at the Whitsunday Turtle Rescue Centre was transported to Reef HQ Aquarium Turtle Hospital, where he unfortuntalely also died in care.


Green turtle 

Toot was a large adult male, rescued the middle of the Whitsunday Passage near the top of North Molle, on the 21st June. Toot was suffering from floating syndrome and was cared for at the Whitsunday Turtle Rescue Centre for 4 days before being transferred to Reef HQ Aquarium Turtle Hospital, where he unfortunately died.


Green turtle 

Zi was the first turtle to receive care at the newly launched Whitsunday Turtle Rescue Centre! Zi was found, extremely weak and emaciated, at Conway Beach on the 12th May 2013 and provided with care for three days before being transported to Reef HQ Aquarium Turtle Hospital in Townsville, where he sadly died in care.

Marine debris removed from the
Whitsunday islands since July 2009
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