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Turtles In Care 2017



Flatback Turtle

Elmo is a little post hatchling that was found just near Blacks Beach in Mackay on 4th August 2017, Elmo is suffering from float and since being in care has had an x-ray that showed that he has pumice or debris in his stomach. He will undergo treatment and hopefully with lots of care he will make a full recovery. Elmo passed the pumice and lost his float, this little turtle had lots of energy and was released on 13th December 2017.


Green Turtle

Squirt is a juvenile Green turtle found at Hay Point and was brought to the centre on 3rd October 2017. Squirt has a heavy barnacle and algae load and is very weak and malnourished. We are hoping that with some rest and food squirt will make a full recovery. Squirt lost his float and was released back in Mackay on 13th December 2017.


Hawksbill Turtle

Cooper is a hawksbill turtle that was found in Hook Passage on 4th Ocotber 2017, he is suffering from float and has signs of an old boat strike injury. Cooper made a fantastic recovery and was able to be released on 2nd December 2017.


Green turtle

Rose is a green turtle who was found at Rose Bay in Bowen on 13th September, she was transported to the Whitsunday Turtle Rescue Centre with float. Rose was not in care for long as her float dissapated fairly quickly which was great, she was released on 26th September 2017.


Green turtle

Monty was a green turtle who came into care from Monte's resort at Hideaway Bay on 4th September 2017, he was extremely sick, malnourished and covered in barnacles and sadly Monty didnt make it through the night.


Green turtle

Gracie is a large adult green turtle and was found on Grasstree beach, just south of Mackay on23rd July. She was transported up to the WTRC with floating syndrome. When Gracie first came into the centre she was fairly stressed and didn't want to eat or have anyone come close to her, however since she has been in care she has excreted about 1m of fishing line. Once she had expelled that she lost her float, started eating and is much happier. Gracie was successfully released off Grasstree Beach on Saturday 26th August 2017.


Green turtle

Luna is a juvenile green turtle who was found caught in the mangroves at Cannonvale beach on Friday 28th July, she had a few barnacles and was a bit lethargic. Since being in care, Luna has had her shell cleaned up and has been eating well. Luna was released off Cannonvale Beach on Saturday 12th August.


Green turtle

Fidelio is a beautiful green turtle who was rescued at Butterfly Bay on 16th March 2016, his rescue was a huge community effort thanks to Queensland Yacht Charters, One & Only Hayman Island and Reef Star Cruises. He is suffering from float and has signs of an old boat strike injury to his back. He is however, well-nourished and a good weight so with some TLC from our turtle carers we are hoping that he will make a full recovery. After almost a year in care, Fidelio was able to be released at Butterfly Bay on Sunday 26th February 2017.


Green turtle

Midge is a young green turtle found in the mangroves off Midge Point Beach, he looks to be suffering from Fibropapillomatosis virus which causes growths on the turtles, however he only seems to have a small growth on his nose, so hopefully we have rescued him early enough that he will make a full recovery. He was transported to Cairns Turtle Rehab Centre on 27th August 2016 to undergo specialist treatment, sadly the virus was too much and Midge died in care.

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