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Turtles In Care 2018

Turtles currently in care:


Green Turtle

Ferny is an adult Green Turtle who was found at Grimston point floating and wedged in the mangroves. Ferny came into care and after a few weeks started to pass a length of fishing line that she had eaten. She had x-rays to check there was no hook, thankfully there wasn't, and she continued to pass more fishing line. We are hopful that she has it all out of her system now and she is recovering well. 


Green Turtle

Mackenzie is a juvenile Green turtle found at Louisa Creek on 2nd October 2017. Mackenzie is suffering from float but is eating well.


Green Turtle

Missy is a juvenile Green turtle found off Hamilton Island on 28th September 2017, she is suffering badly from float. Since being in care she has started to eat which is a great sign, we are hoping that with some TLC and time she will make a full recovery. 


Green turtle

Brodie was found on Whitehaven Beach on 29th May 2016, and thanks to Cruise Whitsundays he was transferred to WTRC. It seems as though he has been hit by a boat propeller as he has some sever lacerations to his carapace and his front right flipper has been severed off. Brodie was transported to Cairns Turtle Rehab Centre, on the 12th July 2017 Brodie successfully underwent six long hours of difficult bone surgery and removal of a granuloma from his right flipper which had been badly damaged. We can't thank Jennie Gilbert and Marlin Coast Veterinary Centre enough for their amazing work. It would not have been possible without the help of the Marine PArk Rangers who spent an hour and half with a crane gently getting him out of his tank and for the dedicated volunteers who stood by Brodie's side throughout the whole procedure. Jennie has a fantastic team up in Cairns, Brodie is such a lucky turtle and is in the best possible hands. Once he makes a full recovery he will be moved back down here for release. 


Green turtle

Spongebob is a juvenile turtle that was found on Dugong Beach, Cid Harbour, picked up by QPWS and brought to the Centre on 4th of November. Spongebob came in very malnourished, weak and with a heavy barnacle load but is starting to eat some squid which is promising. After 5 months in care Spongebob was showing little sign of recovery and still very malnourished and weak, on 13th April 2016 he was transferred to the Cairns Turtle Rehab Centre for further care.


Green turtle 

Puppy is a juvenile turtle that was found in Funnel Bay and brought to the Centre on the 27th of September. Poor little Puppy had a massive barnacle load on his head, which was presumably there for a long time as it seems to have actually deformed the shape of his forehead. He is malnourished and has very little energy, and due to the Whitsunday Turtle Rescue Centre being at capacity he was transferred to the Cairns Turtle Rehab Centre to receive further care.


Turtles that received care:


Marine debris removed from the
Whitsunday islands since July 2009
= 174,764 kilograms