Marine debris can originate from either land-based sources, or ocean-based sources.

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Whitsunday Previous Clean Up 2011

28th October 2011

Sponsor: Queensland Parks and Wildlife Service
Thomas and Shaw Islands

This clean up day was very special as Eco Barge teamed up with the Queensland Parks and Wildlife Service to remove marine debris from impacted beaches on Thomas and Shaw Islands. A big thanks to the crew from QPWS and the support from Dept. Environment and Resource Management for making this clean up trip possible.

9 volunteers
662 kgs collected

20th September 2011

Sponsor: True Blue Sailing
Saba Bay, Hook Island

We headed out to Saba Bay to clean one of the most impacted beaches within the Whitsundays. We were also able to collect Ben Ware's huge pile of marine debris he had collected and piled up above high water line for us to remove. This is a wonderful example on how each one of us can play a role to make sure our trips are as productive as possible. On this beach we found a dead baby dolphin which we have reported to the E.P.A hot line. With this team effort we collected a massive 520 kilos of marine debris. Thanks True Blue Sailing and Ben's efforts for making this a successful day.

11 volunteers
520 kgs collected

17th September 2011 Great Northern Clean Up Event

Sponsor: Eco Barge Services, Rotary of Airlie Beach and Whitsunday Transit
Port of Airlie to Abel Point Marina

Eco Barge held the Great Northern Clean Up Event this year with the support from Rotary and Whitsunday Transit. Volunteers helped collect litter between Port of Airlie and Able Point Marina, including the Main Street of Airlie and the loop road. To thank our hard working volunteers we put on a BBQ thanks to the support from Rotary of Airlie beach they helped by supplying a BBQ, extra gloves, bags, t-shirts and a tent. Whitsunday Transit helped by supplying our long range cleaner's bus tickets for their return journey back to our base and the Airlie Beach Markets. Our town looks great!

32 volunteers
412 kgs collected

8th September 2011

Suzana and Alan Fuller
Cleaned up Conway beach and together they removed 46 kilos of marine debris and counted and sorted the collect litter into the Tangaroa Blue National Marine Debris Data Base just to name a few items, 201 hard plastic pieces, 64 plastic drinking bottles, 106 bottle lids and also found a dead turtle we reported to the E.P.A Hotline.

46 kgs collected

29th August 2011

Sponsor: Whitsunday Regional Council
Bluff Point Coastline

Five students including Chris Lane the teacher of the Marine Ed Class from Proserpine High School came out on the Eco Barge to collect and learn about the impacts and solutions for marine debris. On this day we collected a large amount of plastic drinking bottles and plastic bags. The students loved this day out on the water helping our local marine environment.

312 kgs collected

27th July 2011

Sponsor: Eco Barge Services
Roma Point South Molle Island

The Leader of the Opposition Hon Tony Abbott volunteered his time for a clean up trip on Eco Barge to help remove marine debris from a beach on South Molle Island. We gave Tony Abbott a hands-on experience on how marine debris is impacting the marine environment. We want to thank Scamper camping tours for helping to make this day a huge success and we hope that this day made an impact on Tony Abbott to become passionate about helping to protect marine life from the threats of marine debris.
20 Volunteers

185 kgs collected

21st June 2011

Sponsor: Whitsunday Lions Club
Double Cone Islands and Bluff Point, Mainland

We cleaned Double Cone Islands and Bluff Point, the latter of which had a massive amount of marine debris. Volunteers also found a dead dugong, which we reported to the EPA hotline.

7 volunteers
246 kgs collected

16th June 2011

Sponsor: Whitsunday Regional Council
Rattary, Gumbrell and Grassy Islands

This trip was a great success as we cleaned three islands within the Whitsunday group. We also found a dead green sea turtle on Grassy Island, cause of death unknown.

5 volunteers
570 kgs collected

28th May 2011

Sponsor: Queensland Parks & Wildlife Service
Whitehaven Beach, Whitsunday Island

8 volunteers
107 kgs collected

1st March 2011

Sponsor: Reef Catchments
Turtle Bay, South Molle Island

We cleaned four beaches along the south east facing bays of South Molle starting at Turtle Bay. Our volunteers worked hard and tireless throughout the day, and we were lucky to have help from an extra volunteer as we counted and sorted a huge amount of marine debris.

3 volunteers
333 kgs collected

28th February 2011

Sponsor: Reef Catchments
Toothbrush Beach, Long Island

We used the Eco Barge work boat to clean a south easterly facing bay on Long Island, what a mess this one beach was, a whole day was spent on this beach alone.

3 volunteers
175 kgs collected

22nd February 2011

Sponsor: Reef Catchments
Gloucester Island

We used our new Eco work boat, which is perfect for clean up days and is transportable by trailer so we launched at Dingo Beach and cleaned three beaches on the South east side of Gloucester Island.

3 volunteers
138 kgs collected

10th February 2011

Sponsor: Eco Barge Services
Coral Seas Boardwalk, Airlie Beach

Wow - what a difference you see when cleaning up near a storm water drain. Our data collected along this short stretch of beach is radically different to what we collect out at the islands, with a large number of plastic bags and straws being collected.

4 volunteers
110 kgs collected

Marine debris removed from the
Whitsunday islands since July 2009
= 174,764 kilograms